Overview & Goals



Little Masters’ exclusive early learning program is a theme based approach with individual lessons developed around the children’s interest and abilities. This approach brings together the very best principals from Montessori, Reggio, High Scope, and other proven, long standing methods of early learning. This combination provides a multitude of learning opportunities that will honor every child’s individual learning style while building confidence that will help stimulate brain development and develop meta cognitive thinking.




A child’s early years are momentous and irreplaceable

Brain research reveals that the first five years of life are crucial for intellectual, social and physical development. In fact, neurological research confirms almost 90 percent of human brain development occurs the first three years. Every moment your child spends at Little Masters is essential for developing a thirst for discovery and a love of learning. At Little Masters, learning is a priority and our play based approach will make it fun!



To implement a developmentally appropriate learning approach using a well-rounded curriculum delivered by committed, educated, and experienced teachers to maximize this vital time in your child’s life.

Respect for the global community is an essential value to embrace and instill

Our dynamic global community includes diverse people and rich cultures, as well as the natural environment that supports us and enhances our quality of life. With this in mind, we understand that the children of today-the leaders of tomorrow-will inherit the world we leave them.


To provide a friendly facility and program that teaches healthy habits. To educate children about conservation and earth friendly practices; to instill respect for the global community and encourage children to cultivate harmonious across cultures and value cultural differences.

Now, more than ever, families need support in order to flourish

We understand that, given the choice, most parents would care for their children at home. We also understand that reasonable circumstances and commitments require many parents to share this responsibility with child care partners. Also, many parents desire social interaction and an early learning program to better prepare their children for the challenges they will face when entering school. Surveys reveal 97% of children age’s two to five are in some sort of educational program and 67% of American families require child care services.


To foster partnerships with families by providing a high-quality program that will allow parents to maximize quality moments that matter most in the parent-child relationship. To offer opportunities not obligations for parents to participate in their child’s day; to provide a program where parents feel confident their child is cared for, safe, nurtured and happy; to treat every family’s relationship with Little Masters as an individual, personal experience.

Children learning through their physical and psychological surroundings Little Masters believes that sensory and perceptual surroundings are compelling teachers. Every day, children learn from the colors that surround them, the lights that shine on them, the activities that encircle them, the smells they breathe in, the food they eat, and the tones and posture of the adults with whom they interact.


To offer opportunities in a setting that creates an aura of fun without sensory overload while creating a physically and psychologically safe, secure environment where children will thrive.