Learning Process


This innovative birth through preschool learning approach is raising the educational bar for both teachers and children. The foundation marries the exciting new research findings of today to the sound educational theories of the past. The starting point for the method is the understanding that young children are vulnerable and need to feel secure and supported as they learn to manage daily tasks. At the same time, they need stimulation and encouragement to take risks and develop autonomy and competence.

Teachers are trained and empowered to use a four-step process to take children through a fun filled, educational journey providing opportunities that develop a love of earning.


This process is referred to as the “Four E’s of Early Education”

 To Expose

Teachers begin by Exposing your children to new ideas, concepts, tools, and information as outlined in our lesson plans.

To Educate

As your child gains a firsthand knowledge from this exposure, teachers begin to Educate your child by introducing various principles and functions related to the lesson.

To Expand

As your child becomes engaged and excited, teachers begin to Expand on each topic by asking questions that foster learning and allow for growth.

To Empower

Finally, teachers Empower your child by allowing the opportunity to reinforce what was learned through discovery and critical thinking.

Little Masters process encourages children to become aware of their thoughts, actions and decisions which is a beginning step in metacognitive awareness. Little Masters will assist each child in their learning journey and support them as they begin this critical development.



You will be informed on your child’s progress and development through Little Masters assessment which is completed and presented to you twice a year. Little Masters has development of your child. Specific information is compiled and your child’s progress is monitored and measured by collecting data and samples of their work.


Above-Average Teacher-to-Child Ratio

Little Masters is committed to providing outstanding caregiver-to-child ratios in order to provide your child the attention and care they deserve.

AGE RANGE                                  TEACHER: CHILD

Young Toddler                              1:6 (Approximately 12 months to 26 months)

Older Toddler                               1:11 (Approximately 22 months to 38 months)

Preschool Program                     1:20 (Approximately 36 months to five years)

Afterschool/Summer Camp    1:25 (Approximately 5 years to 12 years)