Facility Information

Little Masters is closed for twelve (12) holidays each year as compared to twenty three (23) days on average of other centers! Our hours of operation are 6:30am – 6:30pm Monday through Friday, which is later than most other centers. Little Masters designed the operating calendar and hours to support working families.

Little Masters features a special area to provide space for parents to relax or take care of business before they pick up their children. Little Masters understands that children are looking forward to the most important moment of their day, when their parents arrive to pick them up. We will provide the things a parent may need to tie up loose ends, so that they are free to give their child their undivided attention at this significant moment. The workstation features a desk area with computers, Internet access and telephone.

Soothing, Stimulating Décor

A fun children’s environment does not necessitate overwhelming colors, conflicting scents and sensory overload. That’s why, from the moment you enter the Little Masters lobby, you will experience a dynamic blend of serene colors, natural materials, relaxing sounds and calming scents that combine to create a stimulating environment. Little Masters focused much attention to detail to create a stimulating environment to maximize learning and play. The moment your child enters Little Masters, it will be clear that this place was built just for them!

A Dynamic Play Yard

Located in the back of the facility, the Little Masters play yard offers a fun filled space for children to play, wonder and create. Today’s best outdoor play space for children invites open-ended play and discovery. Play in these spaces engage the whole child- employing large and small motor skills, appealing to the five senses and fostering cognitive development, social interactions and creativity. Little Masters’ play yard is a unique space where children can enjoy fresh air and escape in a world of fun and excitement.