Young Toddlers

Approximately 12 months to 26 months

Research supports encouraging a toddler’s verbal communication development because it recognizes how important communication is for continued growth. Speaking clearly and with careful enunciation helps a toddler distinguish individual words. The Little Masters’ program for Toddlers includes a very strong focus on language development. Our teachers develop activities that are designed to assist each toddler with language development. In addition, combining music, sign language and stories allows your toddler opportunities that build confidence and success in language development.

At the toddler phase of development your child will begin to investigate the classroom environment exploring texture, size, shape and weight through a variety of activities. Gross motor developmental activities will include climbing, pushing and pulling and walking. These activities will allow your child to gain strength that will assist with climbing stairs. Building with blocks will develop small motor development to prepare for writing.

At Little Masters, Toddlers eat meals family style, building self-help skills and encouraging conversations with friends while exploring new tastes and smells. Rest time and diapering will also be a part of your toddler’s day and give your child’s assigned caregiver wonderful opportunities to share and encourage vocalization along

with quiet moments to listen to soft lullabies. Other activities that your toddler can expect are painting, singing rolling balls, pushing trucks, dancing, circle time, stories and free paly time outdoors in our play yard.


Older Toddlers

Sensory experiences and social interactions with supportive adults will help your child develop strong cognitive abilities. At Little Masters, your child will be immersed in a predictable and supportive environment that is rich and stimulating both emotionally and intellectually. On a given day in our older toddler program, your child may have a conversation with all of the dolls and soft animals in the classroom or play dress up in “To Imagine”. Our learning approach encourages these types of dialogues and dramatic paly. This type of imaginative play will encourage language skills and develop thinking that is essential in preparing your child to read.

Building strong relationships with peers and participating in activities, including circle time each day, is very important. Games, stories and songs during circle time allows your older toddler to express emotion, identify stories, colors, shapes and songs while encouraging sharing, and developing a strong working memory.

The classroom environment is full of everyday objects that are a great source of inspiration for conversation and language development. The sensory table, family style dining, and outdoor play yard are a wonderful addition to the excellent experience your child will enjoy at Little Masters.



Approximately 36 months to five years

Neurological research shows that during critical developmental periods, long, thin fibers grow inside the brain, creating pathways that carry electrical impulses from cell to cell. A network, which grows daily in the young brain, forms the neurological foundation upon which a child will build a lifetime of skills. At Little Masters, our trained teachers are dedicated to preparing your child for academic excellence. The

learning environment incorporates opportunities for children to learn through carefully planned activities that challenge each child. Building skills in language, math, science, technology, beginning hand writing and beginning reading, in addition, to physical activity, music and visual arts, help build self confidence in your child. Personal responsibility, while working in a group setting, is important as your child begins to develop habits related to learning and school.

Respect for self and others are an important part of the Little Masters philosophy. Character building opportunities provide challenges and opportunities that help children find ways to become successful, caring individuals. These actions also build

confidence to support more complex social and intellectual skills that prepare your child for future success in school and throughout their life.


Committed, Educated, Trained Teachers

It’s no secret that an early childhood development center experience is only as good as the teachers involved. Whole educators are critical to helping develop the whole child. Little Masters is committed to attracting, retaining and developing exceptional early childhood education professionals. We always welcome the opportunity to interview strong candidates. Our interview process involves a telephone interview, two in person meetings at Little Masters, and a working interview in a classroom. Background checks are required before candidates enter a classroom. Transcripts are required for educational documentation.

Little Masters goal is to cultivate a team of individuals who are excited and empowered in their everyday work.



Tutors know that exceptional educational experiences start with the basics

The prominent quality of all exemplary students is an outstanding study procedure. Sometimes this quality is innate; however, there are times when a student needs that little extra push to establish a productive method of study. This is where the center takes its cue. Our staff will advocate a dynamic and innovative approach to studying that is designed to engage students and inspire them to develop better study skills and study habits that help them reach well beyond their expectations. The center caters our academic tutoring to the needs of each individual student.